Writers Block/Writing Tips?

I’ve discovered the best way to find out if you’re a convincing writer is to put personal ads on Craigslist.
I have created 14 different people so far, and even the “character” I put the least effort in to ( a 37 year old being kicked out of his house by his mother) received nasty responses from people who thought it was a legitimate rant in the rants and raves.
Immature or not, it doesn’t really bother me, it’s an amazing way to practice your writing skills because each person needs a different voice.


Simple Fixes For “Staticy” Winter Hair

Gotta love stock photos!

We all know what winter means; cute scarves, cute coats, cute head-wear and static hair.   While all might seem well after the morning ritual of styling your hair, the second you pull your coat off, you know you’ll be spending the rest of the day periodically patting the static strands down with water. There are plenty of remedies all over the internet, but half of them are ridiculous.  1 tbs of this and 1/2 tsp of that – no thanks.   I even found one that called for vegetable oil.  With ingredients like that, if you suffer from oily hair, you’re about to create bigger problems.

Most years, I’ve gotten by with lotion and dryer sheets (see bottom for instructions if you’ve never used either) but after moving from a wet, humid climate to a dry climate, I’ve found that both fixes are not nearly as effective. After nearly an hour of searching for solutions, I actually found a remedy that’s quick, easy and doesn’t require any measuring spoons. All you’ll need is fabric softener and a bottle cap (or a really good eye).

The recipe I found called for 8 oz of warm water and a small amount of fabric softener for just one use.  Fearing this would damage my  fine, dry hair, I decided to make a shampoo I could use that wouldn’t wreak havoc on the fragile strands.  On a side note, if you’re nervous about the affect it will have on oily hair; I suffer from an oily scalp and this did not make my hair look greasy. I tested the shampoo and it passed with flying colors.  Normally a morning-showerer, I also did an evening test of the shampoo to make sure it saved me from the static caused by the friction from my pillow at night.  Again, it passed.  So, those who are night-showerers; this will work for you as well.

1. Find a small bottle cap (or something similar in size) for measurement and fill it with fabric softener.  I filled my cap 3/4 of the way, but I use a very thin fabric softener, thicker liquids will likely require less.  Use your best judgement and keep the fabric softener to water ratio in mind.

2. Find a small container (I used a 4 oz bottle used on flights for carry-on shampoos and lotions) and pour in fabric softener, then fill with 3/4 water.

3. Fill the remaining 1/4 of bottle with shampoo of choice until it all gathers at the bottom and the liquid rises close to the top.

4. Place lid on top and shake ingredients together until all are combined and no “clumps” of shampoo remain.

5. Shampoo as normal

It should look something like this.  While there is virtually no thickness to the product, I used the regular amount of shampoo and it worked perfectly.   I will proudly recommend this to anyone who suffers from awful, “unstylable”, staticy hair.  Especially those who battle daily with fine hair — I know the battle between fine hair and static too well.

If you’re uncomfortable washing laundry products through your hair (I completely understand), the following work extremely well and require very few, if any reapplications:

  • For the lotion solution, it’s just like using water.  Rub the lotion in to your hands until they’re almost try, run your fingers through your hair and ta-da; static-free.

  • As far as dryer sheets; I usually just rub them on my hair, some people recommend putting them at the end of the blow-dryer while you’re drying your hair, but that’s never worked for me.

The greatest part about the lotion and dryer sheets are that you can carry them with you anywhere, that way if you get a sudden surprise, you can fix the problem right away.

While Winter may be a fabulous season for many reasons, the static is certainly a setback and most of us battle it until Spring arrives.  All of the above have worked wonderfully for me and if you hate pulling out a mixing bowl and measuring spoons to make products that smell bad or just flat-out don’t work; I have actually tried these and they all work exactly like they’re supposed to.   Whatever your choices are during the winter battle with the static, best of luck to you!