cold blooded old times

Top 5 (Personal) Song Choices January 2013

For any music lover, music is a constant in life.  If you don’t have the right music, you can’t stay in the right frame of mind.   Like music itself, there are different “genres” of music lovers.
First, there’s the content listener who rotates a library of a few hundred artists and can sit in a car with anyone and not get an itch to change the station no matter what’s on.  Then, you have the music intermediate.  The music intermediate has a preference but is generally flexible with other’s choices.  While they don’t seek out particular music, they will always welcome recommendations.  Next there’s the music seeker.  This person is best friends with internet radio stations, shizzam and anything that can offer them more musical routes.   No matter how much music they discover, their hunger can never be satisfied.
Finally, we have the music snob.  The music snob always started out as the music seeker, but after time sharpened their senses, they realized that there was so much crap music, you had to dig for the good shit.  Band history, bio’s, record labels, all of these things become significant and necessary when a band or artist makes it through all the hoops.
To most people, I probably seem like a music snob, but to those who know what I’m on about, I’m still transitioning from seeker to snob.  I credit music for making my life what it is and I know what I’m listening for when I listen to music.   I’ve researched genres, hunted down songs, read biographies/autobiographies and checked facts until words and names and genres all ran together, but I still don’t meet my own expectations.  So, until then (and even after then), I have to make lists of my musical whereabouts.
The following tracks are what carried me from January to February and kept my head above water.


1. Smog – Cold Blooded Old Times from Knock Knock
While the rest of the song may be irrelevant to any experiences in my life, “The type of memories that turn your bones to glass” are chameleon lyrics that need no specific scenario to be relevant.   Smog has never really made it to any memorable band list of mine, but there is something about Cold Blooded Old Times that you just can’t deny is worthy of mentioning.  Plus, the song is seriously catchy.










2. Stevie Wonder – I Believe (When I Fall In Love With You It Will Be Forever) from Talking Book
The first time I heard this song (in all it’s cheesy glory) was on the High Fidelity OST and every since, I have adored it.  Even though the rest of the album isn’t my favorite of Stevie’s, this song has always given me a wonderful place to imagine love and romance and all of those things we secretly desire.  It’s one of those you can crawl to when things aren’t what you want them to be and realize that there is still a sort of sentimental hope.  For me personally, it’s an up-beat alternative to withering in self-pity listening to Billie Holiday and Bobby Bland.












3. Bob Dylan – You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go from Blood on the Tracks
I have a love/hate sort of thing with Bob Dylan.  His early work awes me with his evident passion for music and his ability to tell stories.  However, post 1976 Dylan, for me, is a tad overrated and he’s always struck me as the sort to purposely press against the grain rather than to naturally flow in a direction.  That being said, Blood on the Tracks is one of the last of Dylan’s somewhat earlier albums that I can emotionally connect with, and You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go seems to make it’s way in to the rough patches of all of my relationships.  There is something about Bob Dylan and a difficult relationship that seems to have a sort of peanut butter and jelly affect.











4. Ty Segall – Imaginary Person from Melted
In the world of fuzzy garage rock, Ty Segall has made a bit of a name for himself.  He doesn’t quite hold a torch to Nobunny or Smith Westerns but he gets the job done and he does it well.  Lyrically, Imaginary Person is more like random cargo you might find useful in an emergency but musically, it’s spot on when you need to channel your aggression in to something a little healthier than anger but equally as satisfying.












5. The Pixies – Brick is Red  from Surfer Rosa
MacGyver wouldn’t be able to find a lyrical connection to this song, but then again, The Pixies aren’t really known for their lyrical content which is exactly why their driving force is their staunch love for noisy harmony – thus is the way of life.   Quite honestly, I think Frank Black is a fuckin’ weirdo, but I have never been able to turn away from a Pixies song, even if it’s not one I particularly like.  Since the first time I heard this song as an awkward teenager, it has always re-entered my life with the same burst it came in to it with.