About Whitneysim

I have been writing in journals since I was 14 and on blogs since the birth of social networking.   I’m probably not much different than any cat lady you’ve ever known, however, I prefer dogs.  I’m a hermit, a writer, a poet and a (recreational) musician.  I craft when I feel the need and read as much as I can.  I drink  iced coffee daily and maintain a pseudo-healthy diet of cheese, fig bars, chicken salads, sandwiches and Snyder’s Buffalo Wing pretzels.  I love nature, I love snow and cold weather and I love curling up under blankets.
I don’t have many goals in life that stray from being happy and traveling but the ones I do have are attainable and honest.

1) Write a book
2) Get a P.H.D. in philosophy
3) Be the best person I’m capable of being

My writing generally reflects my mood.  Music, books and stories of people-watching consume what’s not fueled by whatever emotion I feel is necessary to drone on about.
I’m sarcastic and seemingly cold but genuinely kind and humble.
I am disgusted by lack of manners and enjoy bitching about music these days, overpriced things and the condition of the youth and our society.

That’s the best summary of  “Whitneyism” I can give you.  The rest can be found in anything written from here on out.



  1. Hey, I love you blog and share many of your interests including dogs, Philosophy (I have a B.A. In Phil/Psch.), iced coffee, reading, nature, and the goal of being the best me I can be. I saw your comments on Massondan’s blog and like them. He followed my blog and while I disagree with many of his views, I like reading various points of views whether or not I agree with them. I don’t have many goals either other than personal development ones. Good Luck with your goals! 😀

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I looked through you blog and absolutely LOVED it. Congrats on your nomination for “Most Inspirational Blogger”. Also, congrats on your B.A.! I’m a little jealous; I still haven’t started that part of my life yet, but it’s still on very high on the agenda 🙂 It’s sad to say, but it seems that open-minded people are somewhat of a rarity when it comes to genuine discussion (even I find myself closing off sometimes). Your blog and opinions are refreshing, thank you 🙂

  2. You are very welcome and thank you!! Good Luck with all of your goals! Yeah, it’s so true, open-mindedness is somewhat hard to find in people, even some of the most generally open-minded people tend to have lapses occasionally. I try to be as open-minded as possible but there are occasions I haven’t been as open-minded as I should have been. It’s great to be conscious of this though and admit it. Thank You soo much for checking out my blog and commenting with kindness! I truly appreciate that very much!! 😀 ❤

  3. 1) What precisely would you like to write?
    2) Do you know why you want a PhD in Phi? I let go of that dream, for I concluded that there was no real value in it for me. $80K more in loans plus years of work for a few letters behind my name? The market for Phi (in the USA, at least) has sunk.

    1. As far as writing a book – I know the content but the story is where I fall short. I have about a billion drafts, but I don’t feel that special spark with any of them.

      The PhD is something I want for my own personal reasons, I don’t want to pursue philosophy as a career. My career goal lies in Nursing.
      I only want to retire with a PhD, so I can travel, experience other cultures and write about them. I have a very strong feeling that being a nurse and experiencing life and death and then traveling once I’m old enough to have some sense, that whatever I write will be about a thousands times more meaningful and honest.

      Can I ask what you went to school for instead?

      1. I was enmeshed in Phi for years (pre/during/post-University life), focusing on epistemology, metaphysics, logic… I love it, I truly do, but the academic route was just not a feasible future with the changes in the 21st c. Universities. But the real reason I left it was because it wasn’t my first love, which is novel-writing. (Phi is a close second.) And it’s still very much a part of me, and all I learned will always serve me well.

        WRT your writing–It’s a hard path to discover it sometimes. We know that we’re dying to write, but then we falter on the execution. Perhaps some part of this remains with us forever. I hope not.
        But I suggest that you ask yourself what genre you love the most. What books resonate with your psyche? What generates the strongest feelings in you when you read? Those are a great guide to answering the question of, “What should I write?” This is the first hurdle.

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