I am so tired of the desert.  The only thing it had going for it was the low, low humidity.   I can handle 112° with 12% humidity – it’s hot as hell but it’s no problem.  But when it’s 109° with 37% humidity, I have to ask myself “why the hell am I here?”.
When I picture my future-self, it’s definitely not here.  Not California or anywhere where sunshine is selling point.  It’s in a place with an average of 60% cloud coverage and enough snow that requires you to invest in a show shovel.  I picture big trees, deep lakes and green mountains – not the rocky, brown,  shitty things we have around here.
I won’t be moving back to Texas either, I love  it and seriously miss it, but I’m done with summer humidity.  No more miserable heat; no sir, no mam, no way.

Anyway, this future-self of mine resides in solitude somewhere in the mountains of Colorado.   Right near a small down with a population no greater than 2,000-3,000.
Of course, with all the luxuries of indoor plumbing and electricity; none of that dig-a-hole and shit in it nonsense.
And then, society can leave me the fuck alone – the sun too, I could do without him as well.



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