What I’m Listening To Today

Music is my glue to this world, without it, I would have given up ages ago.  I have decorated my life with the pain of songwriters, musicians and composers and have kept my sanity because of them.   Today, these 5 albums have made my mental suffering a much more tolerable happening:






All of these albums have been given plenty of love, and each one was greeted with a different form of excitement the first time the needle dropped on them.    I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family that understands music to the depth that I do and I’m often surprised with hand-me-downs around spring cleaning time.
When my grandmother passed last year, she willed me her record collection, which will be coming home with me to Arizona when I fly back from Christmas.  I have a very strong feeling that they will sit “neglected” due to the amount of pain listening to them will bring, but nonetheless, her collection is full of memories from my childhood and the excitement upon seeing them again is something I can’t describe.
That being said, this is my music station where the colors of my life happen.




    1. Thank you 🙂
      The only other reissue I have is Winners Never Quit. I bought Fewer Moving Parts at the Control tour and he was selling every reissue but my budget is a joke. Next on my list is It’s Hard to Find a Friend, I might die when I listen to it.

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