Yes.  This morning, I woke up out of a dead sleep to the first alarm.  Not that groggy, light sleep that usually greets me in the morning.  Nope, I was in a full-blown dream-state.  To make it worse; I sat at my desk for an hour this morning before anyone else decided to get to work.  Must be nice to make your own hours??  Even though you’re not really supposed to…
This morning has not treated my anxiety well either.  I really just want to bury myself beneath a pile of blankets and put as many layers between myself and reality as possible.  However, Cat Stevens has been very kind to this desire and put my head in a light fog right above the white-capped waves.  I’m truly afraid to take these headphones out, terrified I’ll get caught in the current that generally pulls my mind to a place I’m not too fond of.
The worst part about the anxiety is the disgusting negativity that comes with it.  As if I’m not already enough of a bitch about people that annoy me, when I’m anxious and irritable, I’m a beast.
My eyebrows hover in a straight line above my eyes and I refused to make eye contact when anyone talks to me.
It’s the worst.  The nerve of people.



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