augh at this office

Seriously, I have never felt as stupid as I do in the presence of these people.  Every time John opens his mouth, I want to curl away in to darkness so I don’t have to hear his tone or his laugh (ah-he-he) or any of his stupid comments ever again.  And then there’s Larry, the guy that’s 50 that rides a scooter.  If he’s not awkward enough, his dead-stare certainly is.  Half of the employees are LDS which makes me feel like everything I say is written down in some notebook they all peek at at the end of the week.
I can’t drink enough Red Bull’s to make myself friendly, so I crouch behind my computer screen when someone walks by.  They all think I need glasses more than I really do at this point.  It’s awful.  I can hear people huffing up the stairs like it’s a mountain side and I’ve learned the who’s-who by the sounds of their walk.
I’m not trying to be cynical, but I just spent my break listening to someone tell me how you have to fit a certain standard to be a member of an LDS church and how there is a sort-of ranking.  I guess my questions and my criticisms most likely made it clear I’m not much in to organized religion or religion at all for that matter.
This whole place is a joke.  The CEO is hardly capable of running a company and constantly makes stupid decisions and not to mention, bad jokes.  The only one that actually laughs is John because his face is smeared with shit from all of his ass-kissing.
But, whatever right?  Decent pay (ha) and benefits paid in full, and my job is EASY.  Still though, the company could be better.

This is sort of like my living hell.


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