Dear Public Poopers

There is something about hearing the kerplunk of poop hitting the toilet bowl in the stall next to you.  It’s a strange invasion of privacy that you can’t actually stray from or cover-up.  It’s especially awkward when you have to wash your hands next to the person, avoiding eye-contact because you know if you look in to their eyes, there is that little flicker of I-know-what-you-were-doing-in-there.
Shouldn’t they at least have the decency to hide in the stall until the other person exits?  I’m sorry, doing your hair and make-up and the “mirror-dance” when you check all angles in one thing.  These are things girl’s restrooms are accustomed to.  But pooping is a totally different thing.  If you’re going to poop in public, ladies, at least pinch it when someone else is right next to you.



      1. There are certain stall characters at work, who I don’t know (I’ve intentionally avoided encountering their identity), yet know by sound.
        They include the newspaper reader and the texter (how he still has a phone with buttons and not a smart phone I’ll never know, let alone why he saves his texting for the toilet).

    1. The newspaper reader! That’s my dad! He wakes up a half-hour early just to read the paper on the toilet. However, he’s a decent man and as far as I know, doesn’t take his home-habits to work.

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