Radio Kills The Peace of the Car

Every time I’m in the car with someone who is listening to the actual radio (the kind with DJ’s and radio personalities), I can’t concentrate on anything but trying to understand why they’re listening to it.  It’s bad enough that nearly every station has ads promoting the station you’re already listening to, but even worse are the clips from the morning shows.  It’s as if someone gave a seventeen year old a soundboard with no restrictions on how many buttons they could press.  I can think of no better way to describe my feelings towards local radio than this:

I just don’t understand how someone can sit in a car and listen to that shit.  I’m well-mannered and do my best to say nothing, but when the volume isn’t decreased during loud, obnoxious commercials, my mouth detaches itself from any moral code it’s generally obligated to.  Don’t misunderstand me, I’ve listened to plenty of local radio stations in my day, but the past 5-6 years have remained predominantly radio-free.  It’s the same with television.  I rarely watch actual cable, but when I do, I can’t believe how loud, obnoxious and attention-grabbing  the commercials are.  Everything about them seems wrong and immoral.  They’re jam-packed with subliminal messages and colors that trigger certain emotions, and they target the stupidest of people.
It’s an insult to anyone’s intelligence to actually sit and watch every commercial during a break from a show.  I especially hate when people ask me if I’ve seen “that commercial where the…” No, I haven’t seen it.
I like movies and yes, I do watch shows, but bless the internet for saving me from cable television.  When my boyfriend and I moved in the house we’re currently at, our roommate at the time had cable.  Three-hundred  channels (and at least 4 years since I’d actually had access to cable in my home) and I still had no desire to watch it.
Just the idea of watching television is awkward.  And trust me, I scold myself for watching Netflix and streaming T.V. shows on my computer.  But think about it: you sit motionless staring at a screen with pictures on it.   What about this looks okay?

Nothing about that looks normal or healthy.  The saddest part is, this picture is some random picture of people actually watching television.  It’s not dramatized or edited to promote a certain idea in any way.   Almost every time I watch a movie, I have to glance around the room and look at everyone’s unnatural, motionless face.  Again, I’m guilty of everything I’m bitching about; I hold myself to the same standard that I judge everyone based on.  But, it really does feel like I’m being mentally raped every time I hear a radio or see a television.
If you took the time to read the “About” section on my blog, you would have read that I’m a conspiracy theorist.  I think people get the wrong impression when they hear that term (another conspiracy itself).  But I also think EVERYONE feels they’re being lied to in some way or the other.  Whether it’s through television, radio, the president, the federal government, the IRS; whatever; we all know the government lies to us.  But the fact that it’s standard to have a television in every living room, the fact that people are constantly logging the most mundane events of their lives on Facebook, the fact that every checkout line in America features magazines splattered with the lives of celebrities, the fact we constantly struggle to meet some standard set by society… we’re actually welcoming the invasion of privacy and media control.
I’m honestly not on some soapbox preaching to people and telling them to wake up.  None of this is really news to anyone and there are hundreds of books and documentaries and activist groups that cover topics similar to these.   The only thing I ask is that you please turn down the fucking radio.


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