An Introduction To Bus-People

Seriously with the bus today?  Some days, the bus rides are quiet and smooth.  Other days, the creeps come out of the wood works and wreak havoc against the calm environment of the unfortunate bus-riding working class.  In the past two months of riding the bus, I have discovered that Fridays and Mondays are the worst.  On Mondays, I assume the weirdos are going home to sleep after a long night of doing whatever they do.  And Fridays, well, Friday is Friday employed or unemployed.

So far, I have seen/heard:

• A woman talking to a bag of popcorn (that was apparently had a great sense of humor) with no bra and low cut sleeves so you could see the side of her breasts

• A heroin addict telling me he rode the bus by choice because he was upholding some moral code by not driving with a suspended license

• A woman in a wheelchair having an hour long conversation with someone no one else could see who did not approve her way of life or the way she spent her money, and I quote “Me and the microwave and the refrigerator is gettin’ along just fine — we living together just fine”

• A man bragging about living on welfare (enough said)

• A man who lost his wallet screaming “FUCK… OH GOD…. OH GOD… GOD DAMMIT….FUCK…” over and over until he was asked to sit down and shut up.

And so many others.  Most of the time, I record the dialogue of these wonderful, noncontributing members of our society and play them for other people.  I have no doubt they will find their way in to my writings and get cozy… at least, that’s what I’m hoping for.  Until then, bits and pieces will pop-up here and there and create a reason for people to actually read this.

E.T.A. I will, eventually, find a way to upload the recordings for everyone’s listening pleasure. Until then, enjoy these pictures:


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