What The Hell Happened

I just read 128 entries from an old blog and realized, wow… I’ve really turned to shit with my writing.  I’ve become careless, boring and even… unemotional.  OH, THE TRAVESTY!

I blame it on my iPhone. Before I had a smart phone, I was left to wander the boredom of my mind with curiosities.  While the curiosities still remain, they’re not nearly as invading as they were before.  However, I never thought my writing would suffer like this.

The past two years have been a blur for me really.  Where I used to find colors has been bleached out by the boredom of living in a desert.  Life here is a big, tan nothingness.  The people are boring and rude — there’s nothing to do but drink or go to the movies.  The Mexican food is insulting and there’s nothing really remarkable about it.  It’s a boring brown suburb, on a big, colorful map.  And I’m right in the center of it.

And amid all of this shit-talk happening right now, I realized that I haven’t written anything positive in quite a while.


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